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Search Tools and Techniques

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Search Tools


Thirty-Six Interesting Ways to Use Search Engines in the Classroom



Search Google and Bing at the same time and compare the results.



Search engine powered by Yahoo.  Offers news, picture and audio search. The advanced search option allows you to easily filter your results.



Another search engine powered by Yahoo. Offers web, images and news searches as well as a link to Babel Fish Translation (translate a web page by copying and pasting and Answers where one can specify a question.



Search engine powered by Microsoft.



Rather than setting your desktop to start off with Google, try using this energy saving tool. This tool is powered through Google Custom Search. 


Creative Commons Search

If you are looking for images, videos, music, media etc. that has been identified by Creative Commons as giving permission to modify, adapt or build upon - or use for commercial purposes, try this search tool


 Google Fast Flip

A quicker way to read the news.



Google Squared

Collects information from different Web sites and presents it as an organized collection in a grid view. 


Knol - a unit of Knowledge

A Google project that includes user-written articles on a range of topics, similar to Wikipedia.

Google announced Jan 16, 2009 that Knol had grown to 100,000 articles, and that users from 197 countries and territories visit Knol on an average day. A good starting point depending upon the topic you are searching on.


Twitter Search

Find tweets based on words, phrases, people, places, dates and more.



Search on a specific topic.  The first page of those websites are presented in a scrolling format.



A computational knowledge search engine.Unlike Google, this is  a computational search site designed to help you find answers.

For example, you can enter a math problem. WolframAlpha will return the result. Google can do this with simple problems. But try feeding it a complex calculus equation. Try entering dates or names. Ask questions about science or the stock market.



Searching Techniques


Finding and using images on the Internet


Be mindful of copyright - just because its on the Internet does not mean that it is free for use by anyone.

You can't just copy a picture you find without getting the owner's permission or paying a usage fee.  To avoid any copyright issues, look for pictures that are in the public domain.  Do a search for "public domain images".  Also try a search through Creative Commons to find images that are specifically licenced for republication.



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Using Google

Learn how to use the searching features of Google effectively with this comprehensive guide.



Download a cheat sheet from Google on Searching Tips


Google Advanced Search Features


Google Web Search - Classroom lessons and resources


All sorts of Google Search features can be found here.


Twenty Tips for effective Google Searches


A clip from DL.TV on search tips for Google. Patrick Norton interviews Matt Cutts of Google.

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Secret Search Tips for Researchers

from Inside the CBC.com - Tod Maffin  - Part One

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Secret Search Tips for Researchers

from Inside the CBC.com - Tod Maffin  - Part Two

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Secret Search Tips for Researchers

from Inside the CBC.com - Tod Maffin  - Part Three

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Secret Search Tips for Researchers

from Inside the CBC.com - Tod Maffin  - Part Four

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