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Using Web 20 in the Classroom

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Before you start using some of the many Web 2.0 tools that are out there, stop and ask yourself a few questions.


What is the purpose of using a specific web 2.0 tool and what do I hope to accomplish?

Who is my audience?

Who will contribute to my site and who will just view it?


Which tool do I use? Should I use a blog or a wiki or a website? Or maybe a combination of tools.

Which service should I use?  First Class, PBWiki, Blogger or maybe GoogleEd?

For example, consider the student workflow.  You could start off with using an online interactive whiteboard or a SmartBoard to brainstorm.  Students can then research and save their work in GoogleDocs. The completed work could be placed in a class wiki for all to view.

Here is an example of a mind map created using a service from Mindomo.





Privacy and Security

How will the accounts be monitored and by whom? 

How will users be identified and what personal information is required?


If students are involved, how are accounts created for them?  Many sites require that under their "Terms of Use" policy, that a user be of a certain age.  Do my students meet this requirement?

Should I be informing parents?  What does my school board say under their AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)?



A place for K-12 teachers to find other teachers

for cross-classroom collaboration.


Google for Educators

Classroom activities for all grade levels.



Web 2.0 Projects

Downloadable book containing nearly 60 projects using Web 2.0 tools, organized by age group.



Examples of Classroom sites to look at for ideas



http://nanowrimowithmrsmartin.pbwiki.com - private site

http://habsrock.pbwiki.com - private site







Mr. Hernden's Blog


Examples of Teacher Sites to look at for ideas




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