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Prezi is an online zooming presentation tool.  You can create, collaborate & publish non-linear presentations, sketch out ideas, link the ideas together and then publish.   Please read the Terms of Use.

Here is an example that was shown at ECOO, created by David Spencer



Information on student/teacher licencing.


Take a look at some of these student presentations from Wendy Miltenberg's class from GDCI and Heather Durnin's class from Turnberry.


Let's learn about Prezi here.


Heres the whole manual.


Prezi Meeting

Teams can collaborate live or present prezis with up to ten people in a prezi at one time.



(from the AMDSB Summer I.T. Workshop 2010)


     Select the free EduEnjoy account ( 500 mb(for more features.










Go to your FC and look for your login information.





1.  Decide on a topic.

2.  Use the Write tool to add some text.

3.  Use the Colors tool to change the background image.

4.  Use the frame tool to add outlines around similar items.

5.  Use the Path tool to order your objects.

6.  The Show tool can now be used for showing your Prezi.


If you want to download a manual (35 pages), here is the file. prezi-manual.pdf


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