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Cool Internet Tools

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                    Welcome to this workshop on
                                             Cool Internet Tools.


eduTecher's 10 Web Tools to Make Your Classroom Rock! ISTE 2010 from AdamBellow on Vimeo.


We will be exploring a number of popular web 2.0 tools that are available for classroom use.  These are the ones we will focus on, time permitting.



Creating Word Clouds


     What is a Word Cloud?  A Word Cloud is simply a tool for visualizing word      frequency.  


     Here is an article on "Top 10 Ways to Use Wordles's Word Clouds for Classroom Lessons".



EdTech Tips for Teachers - Wordle from SimpleK12 on Vimeo.


For more information let's go to this page on the wiki.



Create an avatar to be used as your profile picture

Use your avatar instead of a photo of yourself to be used as your profile picture on social networking sites.

Elementary students can use this site.  http://www.buildyourwildself.com/ . Older students 13+ can create a talking avatar at Voki.com

For more information let's go to this page on the wiki.


Interactive Digital Posters




A multimedia tool for educators and students that can incorporate text, images, music and video all in one place.

Let's learn more.



Using stickies on a wall to collaborate



     Let's try it out!





Online zooming presentation tool



Prezi is an online zooming presentation tool.  You can create, collaborate & publish non-linear presentations, sketch out ideas, link the ideas together and then publish.   Please read the Terms of Use.

For more information let's go to this page on the wiki.




What is backchannelling?  Backchannelling is a way to maintain a real-time online conversation alongside live spoken remarks.


There are a number of backchannelling tools available.  Chatzy.com  is a site that allows you to create secure, private virtual rooms that can allow a large number of students to gather in real time to chat together.


Let's take a look.







PD site for teachers to find out about the latest Web 2.0 tools


A Tour Of eduTecher from AdamBellow on Vimeo.





And....check out Room 21C

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If you are an AMDSB teacher, become a member by signing up here.


















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